Digital Humanities: What it is and How to get Started – A Workshop at Fordham University

Part of the “Practical DH” series at Fordham University in Bronx, NY, today I am giving a workshop on introducing digital humanities and providing some tips and tricks for getting started – all in an hour. It’s a tall order, but I am looking forward to it!

Here are my slides as well as links useful for the workshop. Soon, I will write this up a bit more fully so it can be used as a tool to return to for workshop attendees and anyone else who is interested. Feel free to post comments and questions on the page. – site made by Jason Heppler that brings together definitions of digital humanities from Day of Digital Humanities from 2009-2014 into one spreadsheet and displays one definition each time you refresh the page.

Here is the Voyant dashboard showing the Whatisdigitalhumanities data

For the in-workshop exercise, we will practice text analysis on one of Christine de Pizan’s works:

Plug the text of the book into Voyant –